The Meaning Behind XXV

XXVTactical.com is an American veteran-owned clothing and apparel store that has gained popularity for its quality products and designs. However, not many people know the story behind its name inspired by the Roman numeral for 25.

XXV is not just a random assortment of Roman numerals slapped on a label. The inspiration behind our brand name comes from the surname of our Marine Corps Veteran founder, which means “25.” As a tribute to his family’s heritage and overseas military service, he decided to name the brand after this number. From the very beginning, XXV Tactical has been a brand that was founded on the principles of honor, courage, and sacrifice that serving in the armed forces instills in every service member. His grandfather served in the Army Air Corps and Air Force and his father served in the Marine Corps. Growing up in such a family, our owner also developed a deep appreciation and respect for the military and our country. The “XXV” on our label serves as a constant reminder of these values and the legacy of military service.

The number 25 represents the legacy of bravery, honor, and duty. As such, the owner decided to use XXV in the name to honor his family’s legacy and to provide inclusive and quality products for all people from every walk of life.

-25 Tactical-

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